From S.F. to Oakland

February, 2015 · By Peter DeLucchi

The move to Oakland was definitely a big one for me. Having grown up in San Francisco and believing I would never leave, this change was quite a flip of the script. Along with those thoughts was the realization of a fresh opportunity, new inspirations, and a new understanding of the East Bay. Really, when you grow up in the city, you rarely ever go east across the bay, so there was much, much more to explore so close to what I knew as my home.
I still draw a ton of inspiration from all my favorite spots in SF from my childhood and adult life. However, now I am exploring the East Bays hills, shoreline and estuary, and Mt Diablo environment on a much more intimate level. This new view has helped me grow my perspective on the Bay Area and allowed the introduction of new, exciting subject matter I wouldn’t have otherwise been in direct contact with. In terms of oil painting, I am working on a continuing series of images inspired by the plants and landscape on Mt. Diablo. So far this has included California Buckeyes, and the vast expanses of Ceanothus, Chamise, Juniper, Oaks and the list goes on..


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Peter DeLucchi San Francisco Artist

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