Tables and Metal Work

February, 2015 · By Peter DeLucchi

Since moving to the East Bay, we have had the opportunity to meet and make many new friends.

Our building has a unique environment, many of the tenants know each other and maintain a good level of comradery and friendship.  Also, this being a work-first building there are many artists and creative folks here. One of these people that I have gotten to know over the last three years is my friend Jeff Ritter.  Jeff has been a painter, metal worker, and mixed media artist for most his life.  We instantly became friends with our similar tastes in art and thoughts on what art should and can be.  We definitely disagree on these topics as well!  And, that makes for a good creative process.

For many years now, I have had the desire to learn and include metal work into both my artwork and tool box of skills.  With Jeff and his full metal shop where he now lives, that opportunity has presented itself.  For quite awhile we would talk about collaborating on metal projects.  Then, this idea finally took shape through his mentoring and teaching of metal skills.  I am forever grateful for this exposure and experience.  The first projects were small sculptures and objects, and now the work has blossomed to its present state. At the moment we have embarked on the production of a series of steel tables, and I love where it is going. Fun, organic shapes for the tops and legs with the look of animation and life.  These sturdy (mostly smaller) tables demonstrate functional art and have a sense of life and spirit within them.  I am very excited and inspired to see where this will take us. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Lighting bolt table legs with a hair-pin state of presence. Torched, bent, and welded
Finding the angle. #steel
Some of my new steel display easels.

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